Bustin Ibach 39″ Deck


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Rock solid and flex free – the Ibach is our ultimate pure speed board. Super low, super stable, the question isn’t how fast can the Ibach go, but how fast can you go?

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Product Description

The radius on top of the drop what makes this shape extra special. This curve is designed to build concave back into the neck once the board levels out. A typically dropped deck would also be flat here, and since it is where the neck thins out to create cutouts for the wheels, this is where decks are most susceptible to flex or even break. The 2013 Ibach37 and Ibach39, at only 9 plies of maple over a 28 and 30-inch wheelbase respectively, have almost zero flex.

Also taken into account a growing desire for tight concave, and so packed .7 inches of concave into the 10 and 9.5-inch wide platforms of the Ibach 39 and 37, respectively. That means that the tub on the 37-inch Ibach has a narrower channel and will fit smaller feet more comfortably and functionally.

  • Length: 39″
  • Width: 10″
  • Varying Wheelbase: 30″ – 30.75″
  • Plys: 9
  • Construction: Maple


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